Destiny 2: Forsaken Hotfix Update is Now Live, Bug Fixes, Heroic Adventures and More, Patch Notes Released

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny 2: Forsaken has just received a new Hotfix update that mainly addresses bugs in the game that have been a part of it since the beginning. This new update however is a bit late but offers some crucial bug fixes and new heroic adventures.

In addition to the bug fixes, the latest Destiny 2 update also offers a low difficulty curve for a number of challenging quests in the game. Similarly, one of the noticeable changes in the update comes especially for Gambit in the Clyde Will Quest. So the fans will now only have to kill the invading players or any enemies in the vicinity to complete the quest.

Moreover, the rejoin functionality has now also been permanently disabled in the Gambit. In addition, the new Destiny 2: Forsaken Hotfix Update offers some new Heroic adventures as well. Additionally, players will now have the new dreaming city as well as some new weapons and other items.

As part of the new Hotfix Update, players will now no longer receive the legendary rewards outside of the Heroic Adventures. You’ll be rewarded now by the Barons a guaranteed legendary every day. However, the subsequent kills will reward the legendary at a reduced rate than before.

Players will no longer see the weekly bounty. So, players will now not be required to redeem any offering for the Oracle. Similarly, a Dreaming City weekly challenge will now only require you to complete two weekly bounties only. Also, the improper enemy chest spawn issue is now fully resolved. The chests will now be spawned at the same place an enemy dies by your hands.

As part of the new Destiny 2 Hotfix Update, players will now not be obtaining the Dreaming City rewards by repeating the Awakening mission. Additionally, some new weapon and item bugs have been fixed in the update

Here are the Patch Notes:

Heroic Adventures

  • Fixed an issue where Barons were providing Legendary rewards outside of Heroic adventures
  • Barons in Heroic adventures now reward one guaranteed Legendary per day
  • Subsequent kills grant Legendary rewards at a reduced rate


  • Fixed an issue where players can get stuck with the Origin Story or the Last Dance weapons if they use the character level boost after obtaining them in Homecoming
  • Fixed an issue where BrayTech Legendary Scout Rifle dismantled into Mod Components

Dreaming City

  • The Offering to the Oracle now sorts to the Pursuits bucket, rather than Consumables
  • Removed the weekly bounty that required players to redeem an Offering for the Oracle
  • The Dreaming City weekly challenge now requires only two weekly bounty completions
  • Fixed an issue where some enemies would improperly spawn chests after being killed
  • Players can no longer obtain Dreaming City rewards when repeating the mission “Awakening”
  • Fixed an issue where Telesto could be used to accelerate progression of objectives in the Blind Well


  • Players may now progress the “Cayde’s Will” quest step by defeating either invaders or general enemies with Hand Cannons
  • Turned off rejoin functionality in Gambit

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