Descent Reboot Announced to Release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, New Trailer for the Six Degrees of Freedom Space Shooter Also Released

Descent Reboot

The classic Six Degrees of Freedom Space Shooter Descent reboot is now confirmed for a release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. The game is already announced for PC, Mac, and Linux. Now the developer Descendant Studios has confirmed the release on three new gaming platforms.

In addition, the Pre-orders for the game are also now available. A PC beta version for the game is also lined up for a release later this year. According to the details released earlier, Descent Beta will offer a custom version of the Generation 3 Viola ship. The ship will feature an exclusive paint job. Several other PC beta challenges will also be offered that will help players unlock the exclusive pre-season rewards.

Additionally, the Multi-pass upgrade for the upcoming Multiplayer season one and two will also be offered with the Descent beat. Both the seasons will have additional game-play challenges and various secret missions included as well. The Secret Missions DLC will also be available in the game later on in 2019.

Moreover, all the players who’ve bought Descent: Underground previously during game’s Kickstarter campaign, will have an exclusive access to the beta. They will also receive the full game. According to a brief overview for Descent, players will experience a robust blast in the Descent reboot.

Key features for the game include 90’s classic title reboot on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Filled with all kinds of twisted mazes, maps, and challenging game-play, Descent will allow the players to move and attack in all the directions. The game will, in fact, offer customizable class-based combats and 20 new ships. In addition to this, players will have all the hand-crafted campaigns and multiplayer in Descent.

The Descendent Games has also recently released two new trailers for the game as well. Check them out both below.

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