Deemo Nintendo Switch Physical Edition Release Confirmed by PM Studios, Heartfelt Rhythms, Mesmerizing Story and more.

Deemo Nintendo Switch

Deemo, the ultimate rhythmic and musical marvel by PM Studios is all set to release in early 2019. In addition, the game will be released as a physical edition instead of digital.

Deemo will release in the North American regions as a physical edition in early 2019. The studio hasn’t yet announced an exact release date for the NA region. Fans can pre-order the game for the NA regions via Amazon.

As for the Japan physical release, the game will launch in the region on October 25, 2018. The digital edition of the game for Japan is already out now. Fans can download the digital version from the Nintendo eShop.

As the brief overview of Deemo suggests, it’s a remarkable combination of music and rhythm. The story of Deemo focuses on the characters of Alice and Deemo. Players will be able to progress through the game by completing various musical piano scores. The ultimate goal is to help Alice return to her world.

Also, the game offers enchanting music styles and genres that are available in both musical and instrumental style. To add a bit more spice to the game, you can simply change the difficulty levels.  Go from low to high and customize the speed just according to your requirements.

The key features of the game include a unique musical connection between you and the characters while playing it on the Nintendo Labo Piano. Deemo offers over a hundred unique music tracks and songs from a number of great composers around the globe. Moreover, fans will have three different game difficulty modes. The beautifully hand-drawn game art is another one of the wonders that the fans will be treated to. On top of that, the mesmerizing story will keep the players bound to the very last scene of Deemo.

Deemo is due to release on October 25th, 2018. Do let us know about your experiences with it after trying it out.

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