Death Mark New English Gameplay Trailer Released by Aksys Games, Shows off 48 Seconds of New Footage with Dialogue


Death Mark gets a new English language trailer released by Aksys Games. The new game-play footage shows off a 48 seconds footage with game characters and dialogue.

According to Death Mark overview by Aksys Games, the game’s story is circled around a rumor that suggest all the individuals having the Mark will die. The story takes place in Tokyo’s H city, where people see strange marks appearing on their bodies unexpectedly. The mark seems like a shewed up birth mark and is said to be causing death by unknown reasons. In addition, as one of the marked ones, players are to stand before the mysterious house that protects all having the marks from death.

Key features of Death Mark include search, survival, ghost busting, and solving some challenging riddles. Following is the brief intro of all these new features.

Search and Survive

The Search and Survive feature of Death Mark allows players to avoid an almost certain and gruesome death. To avoid the death by angry spirits, players must search all their surroundings and find clues to increase their chances of survival.

Ghost Busting

The Ghost Busting feature of Death mark lets players to kill the spirits using their swords. As sometimes, sword is a better option than the pen, if players won’t stand their own ground, death is imminent.

Riddle Me This

Sometimes in the Death Mark, it isn’t enough to just defeat the spirit that cursed you in the first place. To properly stall the death, players will need to do it in the right order. To do just that, players will need to parse all the clues and discovered information to correctly save their life. If they don’t follow the right order or are failed to parse the clues, the spirits will keep haunting until the end.

Death Mark is all set to release on PS4, PS Vita, and Nintendo Switch on 31st October, 2018. Additionally, it will only be released in North America on the said dates. No information about Death Mark release in other regions have been released by Aksys Games.

Check out the announcement trailer for Death Mark below.

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