Dead or Alive 6 All Set to Release on 15th February, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Koei Tecmo Announces

Dead or alive 6

Dead or Alive 6, probably one of the most anticipated titles, now finally has a release date. According to the publisher, Koei Tecmo, the game will make its debut on February 15th, 2019. The game will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC upon its release.

The renowned Dead or Alive series launched in late 1996. It was one of the well-received titles among other names such as Virtual Fighter and Tekken. As a pioneer in the fighting games genre, Dead or Alive garnered worldwide acclaim. Fans throughout the globe praised and it ranked on global fighting game’s charts for a very long time.

In addition, the concept of the game was unique enough to capture the attention of millions of fans across the world. It’s portrayal of women, protagonists and antagonists made it stand out as one of the best in time.

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Several other Dead or Alive games along with a number of spinoffs kept the fans engaged in challenging yet exciting game-play. With advanced mechanics and friendly user interface, Dead or Alive games remained some of the most popular titles among the fighting genre fans.

The last game of the series was Dead or Alive 5 released in the midst of 2012. It was released worldwide on PS4, PC, and Xbox One and sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. And now, after seven whole years, the next game of the series Dead or Alive 6 is going to release on 15th February 2019.

Just like its predecessor, Dead or Alive 6 is going to debut on PS4, PC, and Xbox One altogether. Fans are in for a massive treat as the long-lost game is reviving once more.

As this release window is also set for some other big titles, it is speculated that Dead or Alive 6 will be a big competitor to those games. Hopefully, all the fans will soon be enjoying it on their consoles without any delays in the release dates.

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