Dark Souls Trilogy – It Will Release Only in US And Asia Not in Europe

Dark Souls Trilogy

Bandai Namco made official clearance about the release of the Dark Souls Trilogy. There was confusion about its worldwide release, but Bandai Namco made it clear that it will be released only in the USA and Asia and the announcement was not for European fans which made them really disappointed by the company’s policy.

The Nintendo Switch Version

Although European fans were left heartbroken, The Nintendo Version of Dark Soul will be out by the 19th of October for all. The Dark Soul Trilogy will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. The whole packages will be available for $80 which will include Dark Soul: Remastered, Dark Soul ll and Dark Soul lll. And the version of the game will be available in a steelbook case. The three set collection will also include already released DLC content but Bloodborne and Demon’s Soul will not be a part of the compilation.

For European fans, there is one good news, Sekiro: Shadow Die Twice along with all parts of Dark Souls will be available on the Nintendo Switch soon.

Pre-Order Copies

It’s better to pre-order copies as they are available in limited quantities.


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