Dark Souls Remastered Gets a Release Date for Nintendo Switch and Amiibo

Dark Souls Remastered Release Date

The Dark Souls Remastered was available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One, but it was not available on Nintendo. The Nintendo gamers had to wait. However, the developers have not canceled the switch version of the game. Soon, the gamers will get it on the Nintendo Switch.

The Dark Souls Remastered will release on Nintendo Switch in October this year. It will run on 720p/30fps in the handheld mode and 1080p/30fps in the docking mode. The game runs on PS4 at 1080p/60fps and same on Xbox One with 1800p/60fps for Xbox X and PS4 Pro. The PC version, however, runs at a full 4K resolution. The original game runs at 30fps which is perfect to play on Switch.

The switch version may be the best yet because Virtuos is handling the development process. It’s why the gamers are confident that this Dark Souls Remastered for Nintendo will be a great game.

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