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Conan Chop Chop Video game

The slippery wizard Thoth-Amon has conceived an arrangement to revive the old abhorrence that is Xaltotun. In the event that he succeeds, he will sentence the world to an unfathomable length of time of murkiness and oppression. No one but you can stop him, yet so as to do as such, you should utilize all your guile. All your cleverness. You should gather all your boldness and swordsmanship. You should. Slash Chop!

Conan Chop is the most epic and practical stick figure game ever to be set in the realm of Conan the Barbarian, along these lines there will be an extreme measure of blood and flying appendages. Be cautioned this may, thus, lead to wild upheavals of euphoria as well as obscenities, more often than not relying upon which end of the sword you are on.

1 to 4 players

Play solo for a definitive rush of a roguelike or have your amigos alongside you in lounge chair community mode.

Become Conan or another person!

All muscle, no cerebrum? No stresses! Pick between a differing cast of boss warrior divine beings, and include the weapons and things to coordinate your style.

Set out on journeys of unadulterated epicness!

You are going to spare the world! The traders are as yet going to charge you for their products, and some townsfolk may considerably bother you with errands of their own. In any case, dread not, some of them will make it worth your time and energy.

Investigate each path!

Fearless the moving sands of Koth, investigate the dull woods in Darkwood, move valiantly through the singing place where there is Hyperboria and see the frosty universe of Vanaheim. Conan Chop gives you a chance to investigate to one side, appropriate, here and there! A talented player may even wind up hopping, dashing, or moving askew, bringing about a definitive 3D experience.

Plunder, plunder, and more plunder!

Ace the compelling artwork of carefully slamming your foes’ heads in with a floor brush and transforming them into slash suey with a broad sword. Conan Chop contains a wide range of weapons, knickknacks and incredible things, each fit to tailor any sort of fierce playstyle you can consider.

Ace bewildering combos!

Play out the amazing 360° turn assault to split skulls surrounding you. Dash forward with the speed of light. Swing your sword both longways and sideways in a game that will make them pant for air as you battle to get a handle on the unadulterated magnificence of your battling moves.

Heartless supervisors!

Before confronting Thoth-Amon, you should annihilation supervisors, for example, The Giant Sand Worm of Koth and The Frost Giant of Vanaheim, neither of which are especially thoughtful to your motivation. Rather, they will endeavor to annihilate you with executioner moves like Lava Reflux, Tail Whip, and Loogie Glob.

Vast replayability!

Totally irregular maps and huge amounts of weapons and capacities to give a shot guarantee that each new game will be an entirely different encounter. You will undoubtedly kick the bucket more than once, however, you can open new weapons that will be accessible for your next play-through.

Conan Chop PC Version Full Game Free Download 2019

How to Install Game?

  • Snap-on “Download Game” catch.
  • Download “Conan Chop” Installer (Supports Resumable Downloads).
  • Open the Installer, Click Next and pick the registry where to Install.
  • Give it A chance to download Full Version game in your predetermined catalog.
  • Open the Game and Enjoy Playing.

In the event that you face any issue in Running “Conan Chop” at that point please don’t hesitate to remark down underneath, I will answer as quickly as time permits.

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