Claws Season 3 Is Crawling Back To Entertain Its Fans

Claws Season 3

Yes, it has been made official that Claws season 3 is coming back. With the last two seasons being a super-hit, this female-dominated series is being adored by people all over the globe. With its massive advertisement and promotions through social networking sites, there has been a significant rise in the number of viewers. Scaling high in the ratings it was quite predictable that the creators will return with another season, but fans didn’t expect that it will be so early.

The show tells the story of some good girls who indulged with the wrong men at the wrong time. The story mainly revolves around a strong woman named Desna, who owns a salon along with her best friends. These hard working women trying to make their livelihood get involved with the drug mafia and in helping it in money laundering. The owner of Nail Artisan, Desi is dating Roller, who is one the main dealers of the drug mafia. The situation gets even more complicated when Roller ditches Desna and doesn’t pay her for all the work she did for the drug organization.

Fans are waiting for the trailer of Claws season 3 which is expected to be coming out in the next few months. Although, no official date has been announced for the release of season 3, fans are expecting it to be released by the June of next year because both the last two seasons have been aired in the mid of the year. So, let us brace ourselves for more entertainment, more drama, more suspense and more fun, everything that Claws has served their fans before only on TNT.

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