Clash Royale Has Become The Second Multi-Billion Dollar Game

Clash Royale

Clash Royale has earned around $2.2 billion from players all over the world in the month of July. The earning of Clash Royale took a great hike in the month of August by earning $1.5 million per day as per the estimates of Sensor Tower Store Intelligence.

Revenue Earned In The Month Of July

In the month of July, Supercell’s Clash Royale had earned approximately $1.2 million per day. It was August 7 when the company marked another milestone by earning $4 million in a single day through in-app purchases.

Second Multi-Billion Gaming Company

By earning the title of a multi-billion gaming company, it is only the second company this title has been bestowed upon. By earning millions of dollars in a single day, it really has set high standards for their competitors.

Aiming For Another Hit

Already earning millions from their previous launches, the company is maintaining its momentum by launching another mega-hit game called Brawl Stars. Fans are already going crazy for it and their craziness is indicated by an increase in revenue by 480%. Let’s see if the monthly revenue of September can hit the monthly revenue of August, with its new soft-launch.

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