Caviar’s Galaxy Note 9 Gold Edition Comes with 1kg of Pure Gold

Galaxy Note 9 Gold Edition

The Russian firm Caviar is offering a new edition of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The new edition is the Fine Gold Edition which has 1 Kg of pure Gold on its back.

Caviar is a Russian company which is well-known for its costly creations. It offers dozens of gadgets worth thousands of pounds.

Samsung launched the Galaxy Note 9 this August. It seems that Caviar is taking the launch very seriously. They are now offering the Galaxy Note 9 Gold Edition. It’s a 1 Kg Gold pack which may leave a hole in your pocket. Instead of using a regular glass back, the company offers a pure Gold back and nothing else. The rest of the phone is the same with the same specs. The original Galaxy Note 9 comes with Gorilla Glass 5 which protects the back panel. The original price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is $999.

When getting a 1 Kg gold phone, you should expect to pay some good money too. Caviar will charge you 3.87million rubles which are roughly 50,000 pounds.

The back gold cover comes with a lot of variants. You can have a phone with the Russian Federation’s logo on it. You can have other golden engravings and many other fancy shapes. You may buy a gold back plate with a Donald Trump engraving. There are many variants of the fine Gold Edition that you can choose.


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