Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 PC Version Full Game Free Download (2021)

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Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Free Download

Where Lords of Shadow 2 excels is in its own combat. Gabriel Belmont known as Dracula — feels a lot like Kratos does in the God of War games, together with mild and fierce attacks which may be used along with one another to devastate your foes. I particularly loved the thickness of the new experience system, which opens up a litany of brand new motions as you combat . The fact that this system rewards using the moves all in the disposal and promotes compels some depth.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 Pre-Installed Game

It’s possible to enjoy how Dracula has three center weapons at his disposal that all have different purposes. His standard whip attack is going to do just fine for the most part, but his Chaos Claws and Void Sword — equally fueled by limited magic gauges — include a special dynamic to combat, particularly since you’ve got to use them together with regularity. The Chaos Claws can pound through enemy armor and shields (in addition to causing massive harm ), while the Void Sword is weak, but fixes Dracula with every successful swipe. There are ancillary additions to Lords of Shadow 2 that make battle stand besides the original — including a small number of special items which you may barely even use — but switching between Chaos Claws, the Void Sword, and the whip constantly kept you on your feet.


  • Revelations DLC
  • Relic Rune Pack
  • Dark Dracula Costume
  • Armored Dracula Costume



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