Cable Girls Season 3 on Netflix Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot: Know the latest news

Cable Girls 3

Everyone’s favorite Spanish drama is heading for its third season. Cable Girls and Netflix’s response to the success of themed shows like Gran Hotel and Velvet, first made the splashback last year when they premiered their first season. They were so confident with the first season that it dropped their 2nd season not even 8 months later, in 2017. Right on schedule, we have come up with more adventures that feature the phone operator gals for their third installment.

The cast of the Cable Girls Season 3:

The official synopsis for Cable Girls names many actors who have returned to this new series.  Some characters who definitely are returning to the Cable Girls include:

  • Carlota Rodriguez Senilosa (aka Ana Fernández)
  • Lidia Aguilar (aka Blanca Suárez)
  • Angeles Vidal (aka Maggie Civantos)
  • Marga Suarez (aka Nadia de Santiago)
  • Francisco Gomez (aka Yon González)
  • Carlos Cifuentes (aka Martiño Rivas)
  • Sara Millan (aka Ana Polvorosa)

When’s Cable Girls Season 3 will release?

The Cable Girls season 3 will soon be coming on Netflix probably, this week, with most of the episodes dropping on 7 September. The drama named ‘Las Chicas del Cable’ will have around 8 episodes that will air from midnight. When exactly this series will get released may depend on the time zone of your country.


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