BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus are full-featured travel headphones for kids

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus are full-featured travel headphones for kids

In my home, earphones for my children will in general be a rummage issue. At the point when I’ve moved up to something more current or better, I pass down my old jars to my children to use with their tablets or Chromebooks. However, this is not great for an assortment of reasons: the more established earphones may be deficient with regards to highlights like Bluetooth or commotion undoing; what accommodates my curiously large head probably will not sit easily on their child estimated vaults; and standard earphones don’t have an approach to restrict their most extreme volume, which can prompt hearing misfortune in youngsters.

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus

That is the place where the BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus comes in. The $99.99 Cosmos Plus mark off each element you may need in a couple of children’s earphones. Bluetooth? Yes. Commotion wiping out? You got it. Volume restricting? Three distinct levels, truly. Child well disposed style and size? Indeed and yes. They come in six unique tones with animation illustrations on the ear cups and have a shading coordinated with a hard case, USB-C charging link, 3.5mm link, and blast mic all in the crate. However a few guardians might scoff at burning through $100 on earphones for their children, you can’t reject that there’s a ton of significant worth stuffed in the Cosmos Plus.



  • 8OUT OF 10
  • Great STUFF
  • Three degrees of volume restricting
  • Dynamic commotion undoing
  • Agreeable, lightweight plan
  • Child cordial tones and illustrations


  • Befuddling power button circumstance
  • Mic quality isn’t extraordinary
  • Costly contrasted with other children’s earphones
  • Purchase for $99.99 from Amazon Buy for $99.99 from BuddyPhones
  • The Cosmos Plus accompanies a shading coordinated with a hard case, charging link, sound link, and blast mic in the crate.

The Cosmos Plus has a beautiful, all-plastic plan, with a cushioned headband and extravagant ear cups. Their 227-gram weight makes it simple for more modest heads to wear them without getting worn out, and they have a wide scope of size change, from sufficiently little to fit on a five-year-old’s head to sufficiently large to extend over my bigger than-normal grown-up estimated skull. However these will not measure up to better quality remote earphones as far as materials and construct quality, they are strong and adaptable and don’t feel like they will break right away. The included hard case guarantees they will not break when thrown in a pack or not being utilized.

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus

The outside of the ear cups have animation illustrations — a pixie princess and rainbow unicorn on the models I tried, with a lion, animation DJ, researcher, and privateer on the other shading alternatives — and you can get them in pink, white, yellow, dim, blue, or dim blue contingent upon your kid’s inclination. There’s no mixing up the way that these were planned considering kids.

I had the option to test the Cosmos Plus for half a month with my own kid and nine-year-old. We utilized them at home during their allocated screentime and during two long travels. Generally, my children preferred the earphones — there were no bad things to say of distress or failure to hear their recordings or games, and the two of them enjoyed the animation plans on the ear cups. My companion and I liked the quietness in the vehicle as we crossed many miles with no quibbling or contending between them.

With respect to the sound specs, the Cosmos Plus has 40mm, neodymium drivers, like numerous other over-ear Bluetooth earphones. The sound quality won’t distantly rival the best from Apple or Sony there is bass, however, it’s not particularly articulated, and instruments can become mixed up in the blend effectively — yet it’s normal at this cost point and fine and dandy for the music or content children may utilize them with.

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus

All the more significantly, the Cosmos Plus has three degrees of volume restricting: 75dbA, 85dbA, and 94dbA. The default mode is the 85dbA setting, which BuddyPhones recognizes as the “kids mode.” The least setting is intended for the extra-delicate ears of babies (BuddyPhones suggests the Cosmos Plus for a very long time three and up), while the most noteworthy setting is named “travel mode” and is intended to beat the commotion of a plane motor. Sounds above 85dbA are considered unsafe and ought to be restricted however much as could reasonably be expected, as per hearing specialists.

Every one of the three degrees of volume restricting is accessible when the earphones are utilized in Bluetooth mode, while the wired mode is drawn to the 85dbA line. Changing the mode requires holding volume up and volume down buttons together for two seconds, which will go the earphones through the different modes. It’s somewhat straightforward for guardians to change however not clear for youngsters to do all alone. However I don’t have the stuff to approve BuddyPhones’ particular decibel claims for each level, there is a recognizable distinction with how uproarious each setting permits the earphones to be and the center setting is surely lower than the maximum volume my own earphones reach.

The right ear cup has the force/matching button and volume here and there, in addition to the USB-C charging port. On the left ear cup is a change to turn on Study Mode, just as a button to empower the dynamic clamor abrogation, which works in both wired and remote modes.

BuddyPhones Cosmos Plus

Further supporting the volume restricting element is the Cosmos Plus dynamic clamor dropping, which can be utilized in either wired or remote modes. A button on the left ear cup winds down the ANC on or, with a green light showing it’s on. The clamor crossing out will not quiet the world in the manner the best commotion dropping earphones available can, yet it is adequately powerful to assist with decreasing low recurrence seems like a consistent fan, outside sound, or the robot of a plane lodge. Having commotion wiping out is by and large suggested for youngsters since it permits them to hear their music or video simpler without increasing the volume more.

The Cosmos Plus likewise has a “Study Mode,” which is initiated by a switch on the left ear cup. The organization says this lifts the midrange and “lets down a piece of the sound range which isn’t on the voice human range and can affect discernibility of a voice.” It’s likewise intended to make it simpler to hear voices when on video calls. The Cosmos Plus has receivers on the ear cup and the separable blast mic that can be utilized all things considered. However, nor are especially extraordinary — I tried the Cosmos Plus on a day of Zoom calls for work and had blended outcomes. My partners said the blast mic made my voice cut, delivering a snapping sound, while the ear cup mic had a recognizable reverberation.

The included blast mic connects to the USB-C port, yet it actually doesn’t give the best voice quality to calls. Finally, the Cosmos Plus can impart their sound to one more arrangement of wired earphones, just by connecting them to the 3.5mm earphone jack on the left ear cup. This is an advantageous component when two children are watching a similar film on a solitary gadget.

Yet, in spite of the considerable rundown of provisions, there is an opportunity to get better, especially in how the Cosmos Plus are fueled here and there. Rather than a change to go from off to on to matching mode, the Cosmos Plus depends on long-squeezing a solitary button situated between the volume buttons. A one-second press will turn the earphones on and streak a blue light; do a similar when they are on and the light will streak red and turn the earphones off. Yet, in the event that you hold that conservative briefly excessively long and miss the main light blaze, the Cosmos Plus will go into their blending mode and you need to deliver the button and hold it down again for five seconds before they completely shut off and you can begin once again.

The Cosmos Plus are adequately light and little enough for youngsters to wear for quite a long time at once. Considerably more seasoned children can see the value in the Cosmos Plus’ set of components.

This made it hard for the children to wind down the earphones on and themselves essentially every time they needed to utilize them my companion or I would need to deal with turning them on and ensuring they associated with their tablets effectively. In the event that they didn’t wind down the earphones appropriately when they were done, they gambled running the battery down superfluously for the situation. However I like the button powers over the touch swiping that a ton of current Bluetooth earphones use, the force button ought to truly be a switch all things considered.

Moreover, while it’s ideal to have the commotion dropping separate from the Bluetooth controls, permitting it to work both wired and remotely, it likewise implied that occasionally the children would make sure to turn it on, and here and there they wouldn’t. They would likewise neglect to wind down the ANC when they set the earphones aside since the button is independent of the force button.

With respect to battery life, BuddyPhones asserts as long as 24 hours between charges. I don’t think they endured very that long in our testing, yet they do keep going long enough that we just need to charge them one time per week or somewhere in the vicinity at home. They likewise kept going through an 11-hour vehicle ride with a lot of juice to save, however, they were not being utilized the whole time. Charging is done through the USB-C port and requires a few hours to top them up.

Taking all things together, there’s little to gripe about with the Cosmos Plus. They have a wide arrangement of provisions, including the significant things like volume restricting and clamor retraction; arrive in a lot of tones kids like and have every one of the important frills in the case. However the force button circumstance can surely be improved and the receivers aren’t on par with more costly earphones, the Cosmos Plus is an ideal travel earphone for youngsters and unquestionably better than my old used articles.

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