Blockchain Game Alliance – BGA Finally Founded, Fig, Ubisoft, Ultra, EverdreamSoft, Alto and More Now Part of The Great Alliance

Blockchain game Alliance

We’ve been hearing about the Blockchain Game Alliance or BGA for quite some time now. Now finally the great alliance has been found. During last week’s Blockchain Game Summit in Lyon, France, some of the biggest names in the industry banded together to form an alliance.

Some of the biggest names such as Ubisoft, Fig, Ultra, EverdreamSoft, Alto, Gimli, Enjin, B2Expand, and ConsenSys have joined the ranks of this mega-alliance. We know about both Ubisoft and Fig, but the inclusion of other mentioned entities is what makes it a very firm and powerful alliance.

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Ultra is a big name in the blockchain based publishing platforms. Similarly, EverdreamSoft is the company behind the very first blockchain game named as Spells of Genesis. Alto, another big name in the Blockchain Game Alliance, develops tools to integrate blockchain features in the game,

As part of the Blockchain Game Alliance, Gimli is another big name. Gimli has the privilege of creating the first blockchain based wagering solutions, especially for eSports. One of the most prominent names in this alliance is Enjin. Enjin is the most well-known website platform for all the gamers. Enjin has also recently launched the Enjin Coin Cryptocurrency for games.

Another one of the participants in the great Blockchain Game Alliance is the B2Expand. B2Expand is a self-defined and new but worthwhile blockchain gaming studio. Last but not the least, ConsenSys is a renowned blockchain studio that creates applications that decentralize other applications which are based on Ethereum.

An official website for the Blockchain Game Alliance has also been launched. On this website, everyone is free to sigh-up for newsletters from the Blockchain Game Alliance or BGA. Following is what the message on the official BGA website states;

Convinced that this breakthrough technology brings numerous new benefits to the whole ecosystem, from developers to players, we provide an open forum for all stakeholders to share knowledge and collaborate on research that foster new ways to create and play games. Our ultimate goal is to help spread the integration of Blockchain by developing common standards and best practices.

For more news about the newly founded Blockchain Game Alliance, keep visiting us. We’ll report as soon as anything new surfaces about the BGA.


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