BlackBerry Evolve and Evolve X to be launched in India on 2nd August, with 4000 mAh battery, Dual-Camera Setup

BlackBerry Evolve

One time more, BlackBerry is ready to thrill the people. The rumours are also there for this new smartphones. The phone may be named Ghost Pro.

Optiemus Infracom has given the confirmation about the new device that will be out on August 2. People are getting obsessed about the rumours. No one knows about the phone which is going out first. It’s expecting that the company will announce Evolve X.

Leaks about Phone

Well, BlackBerry Evolve X has a huge battery of 4,000 mAh and has dual-camera setup. It’s expecting that phone has the metal frame and perfect long screen. The buzz is creating with the word that is “Secure your date”. People are marking their calendars to show interest is a new device. The BlackBerry Motion is the smartphone that is not available in India. It’s also expecting that BlackBerry Evolve coming without a QWERTY keyboard.

These are the detailed info about the new device is just based on rumours. It’s not confirmed. We are just assuming about the product. Hope so, the product will be successful by getting the pool of customers. It’s also sayings about the new phone that it may have a fingerprint sensor as well as the dual rear camera. The people can access the Evolve X only in India. The same phone that people can get with another name of Ghost Pro.

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