Big Bang Theory Final Season Teaser Released and Everything to Expect from the Finale Plus Spoilers

Big Bang Theory

Yes, it was really heartbreaking news for BBT fans when the creators, CBS, announced that they will end the show after season 12. The show has been one of the top-rated shows since season 3 and has remained in the top 3 since season 6. With the release of a teaser, the show has invited mixed reviews from fans all over the world. Some of them are really excited for season 12 while others are sad over the news of the show’s ending.

Reason For The Wrap-Up

Some rumors are swirling around that Jim Parson was not interested in continuing his nerdy character in season 13 and wanted a break from it. While other cast members agreed for the next seasons when they were offered $50 million each.

What is expected in Season 12?

It seems like Sheldon and Amy are off to their honeymoon, and with Young Sheldon still airing, we can assume that the newlyweds are happy with their marriage and will have kids in the future. Apart from that, we’ll see how Leonard and Penny continue as a couple after all the horrible events they have been through.


Showrunner Steve Holland told TV Line that “Raj’s search for love will definitely play a big role this season”. Penny and Leonard will “tackle the question of whether or not they want kids” and “Sheldon realizes that he didn’t just marry Amy, he married her family and decides to become friends with Amy’s parents”. And when asked if Sheldon childhood hero makes an appearance, he answered: “There are certainly people that we love that we want to see again — like Bob Newhart.”

The show will hit the screens on September 24th only on CBS.

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