Huge Summer Sale Discounts On Steam Games in the US, including Deadfire, Dead Cell, Tropico 5 and Resident Evil 4

Gamers are always ready to save some pocket money to buy amazing games with them. They don’t even miss a single chance or an opportunity to invest their saved money on their favorite games. Summer is their favorite time of the year as they can buy their favorite games for low prices.

Summer Sale

If the gamer will put the promo code ‘SUMMER10′, then he will get a 10% discount. But this offer is only available till August 19. Monster Hunter World is one of the games available in the sale. You can buy Dead Cell if you $20 in your pocket. There are also older games that are included in the list with a better sale price. Deadfire is one of those old games, available for only $35 instead of its usual $60. Gamers can also buy Tropico 5 and Resident Evil 4 for $5 each.


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