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If you can’t maintain a proper typing posture or you are one to rest your wrist on your desk while typing or gaming, you need a keyboard with armrests. They elevate your wrist, reduce strain, and of course, provide comfort. We recognize that more than comfort, you need a keyboard that caters exclusively to your needs.

We have come up with the 5 best keyboards with armrests to supplement your keyboarding experience with the proper support. These keyboards offer the right balance for gaming and productivity. We found them to be highly responsive, very comfortable for extended use, and fairly quiet. Whether you’re an avid typist or gamer, these keyboards offer the right balance for optimum productivity.

Cloud Nine C989M – Best Ergonomic Gaming Mechanical Keyboard with Armrest

Gaming Keyboard


  • Unrivaled form quality
  • Ergonomically amazing as it keeps your hand and wrist in the most agreeable positions
  • Superb material input
  • Interactive focus dial wheel for changing volume, lighting examples, and brilliance
  • Cherry mechanical switches for lightning-quick reactions
  • 100% enemy of ghosting
  • Full-number keypad
  • 10x programmable large scale keys


  • Enormous form
  • Unacceptable for little hands
  • Handle falls off effectively and is huge

As a software engineer, gamer, or author, the Cloud Nine C989M is an ergonomic mechanical console that qualifies as perhaps the best console with an armrest on the lookout. It is a genuine parted office console with all the gaming benefits. As a split console, it leaves a lot of space for additional gadgets, keeping them inside your range. With its USB go-through, you can connect different assistants to the rear of the console.

It has a committed multifunction control wheel that is utilized to change the console brilliance, change RGB lighting designs, and change the volume. It tumbles off effectively, however. Ensure you don’t lose the handle; else you’ll have amazingly splendid LEDs sparkling in your face.

The C989M highlights 21 implicit lighting designs. Its Cherry mechanical switches permit you to rule your gaming contest with its quick reaction time and execution. It has adjustable per-key capacities and backdrop illumination. Each keypress enlists quickly because of its 100% enemy of ghosting with a 104 key rollover for a without hiccup gaming experience.

It is a definitive gaming console as it permits you to customize your gaming arrangement and keeps your mouse and imperative keys reachable. Its split console configuration keeps your hands and arms appropriately adjusted, dispensing with wrist and shoulder torment. The RGB illuminated keys enlighten all characters making them simple to peruse.

Regardless of whether you are telecommuting, at the workplace, or gaming, this console is at any point prepared to take into account your requirements. On the off chance that you have been experiencing wrist torment, the 7 levels of point incorporated into its wrist rest will keep your hands in a characteristic position, calming pressure. A 9 inches link interfaces the different sides of the console. The distance between the two sides can be changed by shoulder width and composing propensities.

It is a huge console which implies you can’t haul it around and should make sufficient work area space for it. Its elastic feet keep it set up so you don’t need to stress over it sliding around. It’s not actually modest yet you can get it at a sensibly decent cost, absolutely worth its elements and solace.

Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT – Best Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Armrest

Gaming Keyboard


  • Extraordinary Cherry MX switches
  • Liberally cushioned cowhide wrist rest
  • Astounding RGB lighting
  • Durable form
  • Super sturdy PBT twofold shot keycaps
  • More locally available profiles
  • New Elgato Integration


  • Convoluted programming
  • Mechanical switches produce a somewhat shrill metallic sound
  • No-standard baseline keycaps
  • The Corsair K95 RGB Platinum XT is a slight move up to the past Corsair K95, with its new incorporated Elgato Stream Deck support, better PBT keycaps, and rich wrist rests.

Its anodized brushed aluminum outline offers solid form quality. It accompanies per-key RGB backdrop illumination and lively, consistently changing lighting impacts with nearly boundless customization. Its exactness shaped 104/105 PBT keycaps are 1.5mm thick and have been displayed to oppose wear and blurring. The keys with their twofold shot covers are more sturdy and the letters will look more honed for a more drawn-out time frame. You can depend on the 100% Cherry MX RGB mechanical changes to give exact outcomes.

With 6 committed large scale keys, you will continually enjoy an in-game benefit. These large scale keys function admirably with the Elgato programming to such an extent that the extra keys can fill in as a small six-key video switcher.

With the Corsair iCUE programming, you can handle RGB lighting and impacts, program complex macros, and remap keys. You can program extraordinary streaming orders with the new Elgato incorporation. We particularly tracked down its separable, very much cushioned leatherette armrest agreeable rather than those of past models.

The XT is equipped for saving to 5 locally available profiles. We encountered a little issue utilizing the USB go through and the shrill sounds from the keys and volume wheel weren’t exceptionally charming. These can be disregarded aside from you’re extremely specific about them.

Perixx Periboard-512 – Best Wired, Split Design, Ergonomic Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard


  • Has 7 sight and sound keys
  • Ergonomic regular split key plan
  • Sturdy laser printing
  • Strong palm rest
  • Great material feel
  • Pleasant suppressed sort sound


  • Huge form

The Perixx Periboard-512 is perhaps the best console with an armrest that bears the cost of you the most loosening up composing stance with its ergonomic split key plan. It is a wired console that utilizes a 3D plan to keep your arms and palms in a characteristic position. As a coder or office specialist who spends extended periods on the PC and console, you will profit with the material keystroke which gives you the advantage of composing serenely.

We tracked down the 3D bend and split key format configuration fit for any hand size. It accompanies an incorporated palm rest that offers additional help for your wrist. Because of the laser printing method utilized on the keys, they are of acceptable quality and tougher.

Its 7 sight and sound keys are accessible for different media activities like quiet capacity, search, open program, and email, rest mode, and volume up/down.

It weighs 2.28 pounds with measurements of 18.92 x 9.2 x 1.72 inches. With this measurement, it occupies an extensive work area room. It has a USB interface, a 6.0 ft. link that permits you to plug your console into your PC and play!

It is very not quite the same as the conventional work area console yet will not take long to dominate. It is reasonable for serious composting and diversion.

SteelSeries Apex 5 – Best Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Gaming Keyboard


  • Programming is easy to understand
  • Agreeable keys
  • Agreeable wrist rest
  • Very responsive
  • Greatly valuable USB go through
  • Cross breed mechanical switch
  • One do-it-all interactive media key


  • Somewhat expensive for a pseudo-mechanical console

As we continued looking for the best consoles with armrests, we went over the Apex 5 and we are dazzled. Estimating 5.51 x 17.52 x 5.59 inches, it accompanies per-key RGB light, half and half mechanical gaming switch, media control, airplane grade aluminum compound casing, and a top-notch separable attractive wrist rest.

For a premium gaming experience, the Apex 5 joins a smooth film switch with the sturdy, elite material snap of a blue mechanical switch. This just method it offers the smartest possible solution as it goes about like a mechanical console despite the fact that it actually isn’t. You additionally get an OLED keen showcase screen on which you can tweak your number one GIFs, dissension messages, and see game data.

It accompanies an interactive volume dial and a media button that permits you to change settings and volume as you wish at the dash of one catch. It additionally accompanies a powerful exceptional per-key RGB enlightenment. You can plan your definitive arrangement with the large numbers of shading alternatives and receptive composing impacts.

Its aluminum combination outline is solid and sturdy. Its attractive wrist rest gives solace and backing to your hands. The clicky sensation of the mechanical-like switches is exceptionally fulfilling to the ears. It’s an extraordinary apparatus for note-taking and record with its media keys that control stop, play, quick forward, and rewind.

Its attractive rest is not difficult to withdraw and connect and is entirely agreeable. It offers extraordinary help without froth. You can likewise reconstruct any key on the gadget, make various profiles for different games, separate between installed profiles, and program macros.

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