Best Bread Knife for Crusty Bread

Bread Knife

With regards to gathering the ideal toolset to change your kitchen into a position of proficiency and facilitate, your blade assortment ought to consistently be the primary spot to begin. A decent blade is a contrast between a speedy prep and a baffling, delayed, perhaps injury-filled, cooking experience.

However, with so many blade types to load up on–paring blades, utility blades, tomato blades one sort of blade is frequently disregarded: the humble, yet shockingly flexible, bread blade.

Not exclusively does a decent bread blade permit you to easily slice through a slice of dried up bread without making a wreck yet it can likewise be utilized to cut meat, veggies, tricky natural product, baked goods, and cheddar. Truth be told, buying a quality bread blade right off the bat may simply save you the requirement for extra buys not too far off. In this way, in case you are on the lookout for a bread blade that not just cuts dry and delicate bread easily yet can handle a not insignificant rundown of other culinary errands, we have your rundown here. Here are the main five best blades for cutting sourdough Bread Knife for Crusty Bread.

Bread Knife

We went through more than 15 hours exploring and testing serrated blades, slicing through 15 hard bread portions of changing shapes and sizes, six pounds of ready tomatoes, four pounds of meal eye round, and 10 dish meat sandwiches. Furthermore, we discovered you don’t have to drop a ton of money on a decent serrated blade. The best-serrated blade for a great many people is the Victorinox Fibrox Pro 10.25-Inch Serrated Curved Bread Knife for Crusty Bread. It’s slight, sharp, and agreeable to utilize. At the cost, you can’t track down an all the more very much made, more adaptable blade.

Assuming you need to spend less, we suggest the Mercer Millennia 10-inch Bread Knife – Wide at its cost and mobility. However the cutting edge is thicker than the Victorinox’s and offers somewhat less control because of its enormous, articulated teeth, it’s as yet a decent worth inasmuch as it’s about a large portion of the cost of our top pick. In case you’re not hoping to make slender, even cuts of bread and vegetables, and you simply need a decent workhorse in the kitchen, this is an ideal blade for you.

For the home cook who needs something somewhat richer, we like the Tojiro ITK Bread Knife. It’s a bit more flexible than the Victorinox on the grounds that its scalloped edge additionally functions admirably as a meat slicer. Frankly, every one of the three of the upper-level serrated blades we tried played out something similar; the Tojiro incidentally turned out to be the most affordable. The lone defect we could see is that however, it’s sharp, the scalloped teeth a few sawing movements to dive into bread outside layer. This appealing blade has a fantastic load to it, an ergonomic pakkawood handle that is agreeable to hold, and a well honed edge.

Best 5 Bread Knives for Sourdough and Other Crusty Bread

Any bread blade worth its weight will have one unmistakable, extremely simple to recognize trademark. Furthermore, that is those sharp, rough teeth.

In fact, called “scallops,” these sharp teeth are what permit bread blades to effortlessly penetrate surfaces that are generally hard to get tightly to consider every option hulls of bread, elusive skins of tomatoes, and surprisingly intense external layers of the meal.

Yet, it is really the spaces between these teeth–the region called the neck that is generally significant for smooth cuts and crumbless cutting. The more extensive and the more keen the neck, the better your blade will be for cutting bread, all things considered.

However, relax, you don’t need to burn through your time scouring the web for the huge necks since we have as of now handpicked the best bread blades for you.

Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife

Bread Knife


  • Length: 10.25 inches
  • Edge style: Curved
  • Cost: $$

Since a long time ago, bent sharp edges make cutting thicker slices of dried up the bread a lot simpler than short, straight edges and that is the reason we love this Victorinox Swiss Army bread blade. The slight curve toward the finish of the blade considers more noteworthy knuckle freedom during the cut, a significant element in the event that you have huge hands or favor those wide or adjusted craftsman portions. Furthermore, the long edge rushes the cutting system by diminishing the number of saw-cuts required.

The Victorinox blade has decently separated scallops that go to a point, making it simple to grasp and easily slice through various food sources including organic products, bread, and cheddar.

This blade is made in Switzerland and accompanies a lifetime guarantee against defaults. The cutting edge is made of lightweight European steel and the handle is ergonomically molded and finished for an agreeable sure-hold regardless.

Wusthof CLASSIC Bread Knife, One Size, Black, Stainless Steel

Bread Knife


  • Length: 10 inches
  • Edge style: Curved
  • Cost: $$$$

In case you are searching for a since a long time ago, bended blade that takes into consideration a smooth, overstated slicing movement to traverse those wide bread, this Wusthof is certainly one worth considering. The slim, long sharp edge makes less rubbing during cutting, while the slight bend toward the tip considers a smooth movement that requires less work on your part.

The respectably estimated necks mean you can undoubtedly cut delicate or hard bread without leaving a wreck, while the sharp, insulted pointed teeth will guide you into even the hardest hull or slickest skin.

The cutting edge is made of high-carbon hardened steel and the manufactured polypropylene handle is tripel bolted for life span. The blade includes an end to end length and is manufactured with PEtec to yield an extra-sharp edge that will not dull.

CUTCO Model 1724 Slicer

Bread Knife


  • Length: 9.8 inches
  • Cutting edge style: Straight
  • Cost: $$$

With regards to effortlessness in structure and flawlessness in execution, the Cutco Slicer takes the cake (and afterward cuts it easily into wonderful pieces). This believed brand is notable and celebrated for its sturdy, quality blades, and this bread blade is no exemption.

The long, straight edge and more tight serration settle on it an extraordinary decision for a wide assortment of food types while the dangerously sharp necks, however, more limited than most, make for a smooth cut without fail.

The cutting edge is made of carbon steel and the extra-solid, ergonomic handle is made of thermo-leave that won’t break or wear. It includes an end to end length and accompanies a lifetime ensure that covers honing and substitution in the exceptionally uncommon occasion that this blade breaks or becomes dull.

Mercer Culinary Millennia Wide Wavy Edge Bread Knife

Bread Knife


  • Length: 10 inches
  • Sharp edge style: Curved
  • Cost: $

On the off chance that you have longed for a quality, compelling bread blade that will not burn through every last dollar, then, at that point this ten-inch bended cutting edge from Mercer Culinary is by and large what you need. This moderate blade includes a long, marginally bent edge, and agreeable, no-slip handle that will make cutting anything from bread, to cakes, to melon a breeze.

In contrast to others on this rundown, this cutting edge includes more adjusted teeth and more extensive necks. These round teeth are adequately sharp to infiltrate hard hull or smooth skin yet make less surface erosion while traveling through the gentler inner parts of bread and tomatoes. This implies a smoother, straighter cut, and to a lesser extent a wreck.

The edge is made of high-carbon Japanese steel and the handle is a blend of Santoprene and polypropylene so it is both agreeable and tough.

Cuisinart CEK-40 Electric Knife

Bread Knife


  • Length: Approx. 8 inches
  • Edge style: Straight
  • Cost: $$$$

There is no standard out there saying you need to place in a great deal of work to get the ideal cut of bread. Furthermore, in the event that you end up being one of those individuals who incline toward kitchen devices that make your life simpler regardless of anything else, then, at that point you will adore this electric bread blade from Cuisinart.

This electric blade set accompanies two edges, a slim, serrated sharp edge for cutting meat, and a more extensive, all the more profoundly serrated edge for cutting bread. The bread blade highlights pointed teeth and wide necks that permit it to move flawlessly through even the crustiest of craftsman bread. Also, with an incredible electric handle doing a large portion of the sawing work for you, you can get these ideal cuts with just a small amount of the work of different blades.

This blade accompanies a 3-year restricted guarantee. The two cutting edges are made of hardened steel and the wide, simple grasp handle uses a solitary touch on/off switch for improved use. This pack likewise incorporates an improving woodblock for capacity and honing apparatuses.

Whether or not you select the more costly Swiss made, the moderate reserve, or the easy electric, we realize you’ll be content with your buy and considering how you made do without a quality bread–and foods are grown from the ground and meat and tomato–blade for such a long time.

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