[Update] Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations Mode Will Be Accessible at Launch

Battlefield 5's Grand Operations Mod

Electronic Arts has revised the blog post, say now that the grand operations of Battlefield 5 will be available at launch.

Changes that Battlefield made:

This change has made some gamers curious, as they all expected that in every part of this game mode, new game feature will be available on the launching day. But EA and DICE come out from the market of the trench to affirm the information which is originally published about the delaying of the Grand Operations mode that it was incorrect. The Battlefield mode will be available for all the Battlefield V purchasers when this game will be launched.

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Why Battlefield 5?

On the official site of Battlefield V website, there is an update which is available from the team Battlefield who is explaining the Grand Operations mode that it will be available when the game will be launched on October 19 for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. This post was updated on July 27 and the owner of Battlefield David Sir land who is the multiplayer producer at the biggest platform of DICE, has explained:

The previous old version of Battlefield of this talk has started that Battlefield V Grand launching operation will be available for shortly after it gets launched, it is totally based on development plans of Battlefield, June 9 is the date when the story is published. This update reflects that Grand operations of this game will be playable on the launch and it will be the part of Tides of War.

Release Date of Battlefield 5

The game will be available on October 19 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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