‘Battlefield 5’ Latest Gamescom Official Trailer Teases its Battle Royale Mode

'Battlefield 5' Latest Gamescom Official Trailer Teases its Battle Royale Mode

With Gamescom starting next week, everyone is busy with their preparations. Recently DICE crawled amongst the competitors with their new series, Battlefield 5. The trailer of Battlefield V has made a thrilling entry leaving all the players in amusement. The players hope that the series will be as exciting as the trailer, which gives us a small glimpse of the upcoming war.

The trailer is called Devastation of Rotterdam. Making its debut with the brow-raising cinematic sequence as well as with the astonishing gameplay version. By the looks of the tease, easily visible in the trailer, the fans are hoping that Battlefield 5 will be available to play on Battle Royale mode. There will be the completely different horizon of battlefield available to the players. With new maps directing towards shattered lanes of Rotterdam to the deserted area of North Africa.

Interestingly the theme is based upon the war between Germans and Dutch. In May of 1940, during World War ll, Germany invaded the Dutch City with an attempt to seize it, which resulted in the loss of lives and property in large number but eventually, Germany won the war. Following the theme “Battle of Rotterdam” the players will be allowed to fight in the shattered streets of Rotterdam.

One of the strong pillars and senior producer of Electronic Arts, Mr. Patrick Soderlund is all set to step back from the company. According to the sources, recently he has been busy with other projects. The game series is all set to launch on 10th of October, you can also pre-book the series.

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