Battlefield 5 Beta Is Here And Here’s How You Can Play It On PS4, PC, And Xbox One

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The early access Battlefield 5 beta is now live as we speak. All the fans who’ve pre-ordered or are EA Origin Access subscribers, can enjoy the new beta today until 11th September.

All those who’ve pre-ordered the beta online, will be able to download it directly from the EA website and enjoy. But, all those who’ve pre-ordered physically, will receive a code given to them by the retailer. This code can simply be entered in PlayStation, Origin, Xbox One Store and they will be able to download it.

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If you’ve failed to pre-order the game, don’t worry because you still can order it. The only disappointment will be that you’ll be able to enjoy it on September 6th 2018. The Beta is available for all players from 4am EST, 1am PT, pam BST, and 10am CET.

If you can’t wait that long, you can just login to your EA, PS4, and Xbox One store and pre-load the beta. As soon as it’ll be available in your region, you’ll be able to download it.

According to DICE’s previous statement, all the contents of this beta will be available in the game when it will release. The contents of the beta include two new maps, two new modes, a number of new weapons and some new vehicles. The new maps in the beta are Narvik and Rotterdam. Both theses maps will be playable in two new modes,  The Conquest and The Grand Operation.

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In addition, fans will be treated to five iconic WW2 era tanks and seven new aircrafts will be available. Also, players will be able to fend off the air enemies with the help of two new stationary and towable AA guns. The JB2 and V1 rocket strikes, supply canister drops, health and ammunition, para drops are all part of the new Battlefield 5 beta.

So, have you pre-ordered your Battlefield 5 beta yet? Well, if you haven’t, you still can. As it lasts until September 11, hopefully, every other fan will be able to enjoy it before its closed. Check out more relevant details about the new Battlefield 5 beta installation procedure and stuff here.


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