Battle for Wesnoth iOS Full Version Free Download (2021)

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Battle for Wesnoth Free Download

The Battle for Wesnoth is a open source, turn-based plan game using a high fantasy motif. In the plains of Weldyn into the woods of Wesmere, by the plantations of Knalga into the towering peaks of the Heart Mountains, participate in more than a dozen experiences spanning centuries Perform as a young prince as he flees the encroaching forces of the Lich Lords to another house across the ocean.

Battle for Wesnoth Free Pre-Installed

Delve in the blackest depths of the ground to craft a gem of passion Travel the continent at a bold quest to reclaim your rightful throne by a usurping queen Step into the shoes of a young mage, his village beset by orcish invasion, even since he seeks vengeance and immortality Fight the undead hordes of a foul necromancer because he marches upon your funding Lead a bold group of survivors across the blazing sands into a last confrontation with an hidden evil The decision is your choice.


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