AYA-NEO place a different Spin on the PC Gaming Handheld


At this point, the possibility of a handheld Windows PC is not, at this point novel however their executions are as yet uncommon. The soonest models, generally from GPD, needed to manage with either less incredible Intel Atoms or, later on, beefier Intel Cores that actually weren’t made for gaming. It was distinctly with the eleventh gen Intel processors with Iris Xe designs that PC gaming handhelds may have begun getting an opportunity however the AYA-NEO is taking an alternate course towards that versatile gaming PC objective.

The AYA-NEO takes after the Nintendo Switch, or rather the Nintendo Switch Lite with its forever joined regulators flanking the screen. This was a similar plan received by the GPD WIN 3 which just completed its own crowdfunding run. The critical contrast in plan is that the WIN 3 utilized a sliding instrument to uncover a capacitive console which, in view of early audits, was even more a risk than a triumphant element, joke expected.


The distinctions run profound, be that as it may, and the AYA-NEO has one other characterizing quality. It runs on an AMD Ryzen 5 4500U which, in addition to other things, accompanies a Radeon versatile illustrations processor. Normally, the AYA-NEO gloats of the capacity to run games that wouldn’t in any case run on Intel-just silicon. that incorporates the scandalous Cyberpunk 2077, however just at 30 fps.

The AYA-NEO additionally has a bigger 7-inch screen however with a 1280×800 goal in particular. Notwithstanding your standard game regulator catches, it likewise has easy routes for some console combos and keys required for some PC games. With gyro and accelerometer sensors, the whole handheld can likewise be utilized to control games or possibly turn the showcase for different games and applications.

At around $790 for the base 512GB model on Indiegogo, the AYA-NEO is a somewhat robust venture. The mission is likewise offering additional items like a dock that will transform the gaming PC into a genuine work area with the correct peripherals. The mission zoomed past its subsidizing objectives with 28 days to save be that as it may, similarly as with any crowdfunded item, it will take confidence and tolerance before the last thing is conveyed to your doorstep.

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