Avast Piriform’s CCleaner Withdraws 5.45 Version Update After Public Outcry Regarding Privacy Policies

Avast Piriform's CCleaner Withdraws 5.45 Version Update

CCleaner is one of the most authentic tools for cleaning junk files from your PC. However, there has been a reported privacy outrage. The new privacy terms are dubious in the latest release.

The public outcry came over the latest build of Avast’s Piriform CCleaner. The tool has some new doubtful privacy policies. Seeing the public outcry, the Avast’s Piriform decided to pull out the tool. Most of the people are unhappy with the decision.

On Friday, Piriform gave a statement which said that they are improving the CCleaner to give better user experience. The statement also said that they are trying to include new features in the tool which will help improve the customer experience. The new version which is 5.45 will help the developers to collect more information about the users and also to detect bugs quickly.

The developers plan to collect anonymous information with this new version of CCleaner. According to the official statement, a collection of data will help them spot new trends. They will collect the data and will also share the data they collect with the public. It’s still not good enough as it did not get any good reviews from the users.

So, after the public outrage, Piriform had to roll back to its previous version 5.44. There have also been reports of several piracy attacks in the past. Changing the privacy terms and conditions is not a good way to promote the new version and it definitely isn’t good publicity.


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