Astro Gaming A03 Gaming Earphones Review

Astro Gaming


  • Even stable
  • Great amplifier quality, if appropriately positioned


  • Generally frail bass
  • No USB-C connector included
  • Type In-Canal
  • Wireless No
  • Genuine Wireless No


There’s an explanation that gaming headsets include over-ear cups and blast mouthpieces. They’re bulkier than headphones, however they will in general have better bass and greater mics for more clear voice visits. This hasn’t prevented Astro Gaming from offering the A03, a couple of in-ear screens outlined as a decent decision for gaming sound. At $49.99, the A03s sound better compared to the comparably valued Logitech G333 gaming headphones, however full headsets are the best approach for most gaming meetings.

The A03 is a bunch of straightforward, wired headphones with moderately insignificant gamer energy separated from their strange purple-and-white and red-and-blue shading varieties. Every earpiece is a little, aluminum barrel with a thick part close the eartip and a more slender, marginally tightened parcel that interfaces with the link. No balancing out blades or snares are incorporated (scarcely any non-wellness wired headphones use them), however three arrangements of contrastingly estimated silicone eartips offer a steady fit for most ears. The earpieces’ round backs sport Astro’s logo.

The earpieces associate with a level, almost four-foot link. The link includes a three-button distant with a pinhole receiver found six crawls down the correct earpiece’s wire, somewhere between the earpiece and where the two earpieces’ wires associate. The link ends in a four-shaft, 3.5mm attachment.

Other than the extra eartips, the headphones just accompany a little, speed up, network conveying case.

Network and Microphone

As a couple of 3.5mm headphones, the A03 works with any cutting edge game framework (through the headset ports on the Xbox and PlayStation regulators, or with the Nintendo Switch in convenient mode through its own earphone jack), alongside any PC or cell phone with an earphone jack. Not at all like the Logitech G333, the A03 doesn’t accompany a 3.5mm-to-USB-C connector. You’ll need to get your own USB-C connector if your telephone comes up short on a jack.

For a pinhole amplifier, the A03’s mic sounds shockingly clear under the correct conditions. Shockingly, those conditions require holding the far off somewhat nearer to your mouth at that point letting the link hang and, if the choice is accessible, turning up the addition in whatever product you’re utilizing. Test chronicles with the A03 came out delicate, yet turning them up delivered a genuinely spotless sound with slightly pop and sibilance (with the mouthpiece held up to my mouth; simply hanging, test accounts sounded more empty and removed). The voice quality isn’t near that of blast amplifiers on ordinary gaming headsets, and isn’t exactly just about as decent as the Logitech G333’s inline distant receiver.

Sound Performance

The A03 highlights double drivers in every earpiece, one 5.8-millimeter and one 9.2mm. The two drivers split the sound proliferation obligations among lows and high-mids, which ought to give better inclusion of the full sound range. They’re similar size of drivers as the ones found in the Logitech G333.

Headphones will in general offer pretty quiet bass contrasted and earphones, and the A03 is no exemption. The kick drum hits and bass synth notes in our bass test track, The Knife’s “Quiet Shout,” don’t offer extremely solid thunder, however the frequencies arrive at sufficiently low to give a pleasantly adjusted feeling of substantial bang. Far better, the headphones don’t twist at greatest volume.

The acoustic guitar culls in the launch of Yes’ “Indirect” sound clean, with a decent measure of string surface in the higher frequencies and a reasonable piece of lower recurrence reverberation. At the point when the tune appropriately kicks in, the electric bass settles somewhat behind the scenes, yet doesn’t lose all sense of direction in the blend. The drums and vocals become the dominant focal point for a for the most part even, mids-centered sound.

The steady rhythm in The Crystal Method’s “Bustling Child” sounds punchy, with strong, low-recurrence reaction. What’s more, the headphones let the higher recurrence synth sounds slice through the blend enough to keep up their essence. It’s a reasonable, full stable for the electronic track.

Fortnite on the Xbox Series X sounds boisterous and itemized through the A03. I can undoubtedly make out my impressions and the impressions of close by players, alongside the overall bearing of where they’re coming from with left-right panning. Far off shots likewise have genuinely great directionality, making me aware of far away battles. The sound of gunfire isn’t uproarious or pompous, however it’s substantial enough to have some power.

Moreover, Monster Hunter Rise on the Nintendo Switch sounds great through the A03. The ambient sound and different nature sounds are full and clear, and each individual untamed life component is recognizable. The beast thunders aren’t booming, yet it’s as yet a perfect, even stable.

Not Bad, But rather Headsets Are Better

The Astro Gaming A03 is a quality arrangement of headphones, yet like the Logitech G333, it doesn’t put forth a solid defense for dumping a customary gaming headset. The voice quality isn’t near what you would get with a blast mouthpiece, and the headphones don’t offer exceptionally profound bass. The A03 sounds somewhat better compared to the G333, which makes it considerably more convincing in case you’re searching for wired earphones that you can use for gaming, as well.

In case you’re basically keen on gaming, and mass isn’t an issue, we suggest a gaming headset like the $60 Astro A10 or the pricier, yet brilliant sounding, $99.99 Razer BlackShark V2. Headphones are significantly more convenient, however they simply aren’t as useful for messing around as those Editors’ Choice picks.

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