ARMS Tier List (Best Fighters)

ARMS Tier List (Best Fighters)

Knowing who the best ARMS warriors are will be a gigantic advantage to you. Here is the most modern ARMS level rundown showing an outline of the best contenders. Nintendo’s ARMS, an exceptional twist to the battling game recipe, has partaken in a consistent cutthroat scene since dispatch. In the event that this game has aroused your curiosity in contending however you don’t know which warriors to begin dominating, then, at that point, fortune has smiled on you. We made an authoritative rundown positioning the best contenders in the game. We should make a plunge.

ARMS is a battling sporting event being delivered worldwide in 2017. There are an all out 15 playable warriors accessible in the game and some of them are downloadable. Every one of the characters has extraordinary battling and avoiding abilities. There is a spring in the arms of the contenders that permits the arms to expand and assault the rivals.

You can assault your rival with broadened arms while remaining a good ways off. The Rush assault bargains monstrous measures of harm to the adversaries. ARMS game gives you the component to play against your companions or different players sitting everywhere. ARMS is an extremely famous 3D battling game that is uniquely intended for Nintendo Switch.

The ARMS game provisions 15 battling characters. Ten characters are free and they will be accessible toward the beginning of the game while the other five warriors are downloadable. Every single one of them has exceptional capacities like punching, tossing or avoiding. They have stretched out arms to wreck the adversaries.


These warriors are the most incredible in the game. They have the best development choices and protective moves that help prevail against any matchup.

Min MinMin Min has excellent movement coupled with the narrowest hitbox out of all fighters. On the offensive side, her dragon arm is always a problem for opponents. Her combination of speed and movement options allow her to take potshots at the enemy while keeping herself safe.

Min Min is a snowball character, meaning that she performs better when in the lead, and worse when disadvantaged. Because of the speed of her movement, though, players often find themselves on the former.
Max BrassWhen you play Max Brass, you automatically know that he’s a top tier fighter. He has strength, surprising speed, and the best defensive options in the game.

On the rare occasion that Max falls behind, he can quickly catch up thanks to his ability to gain perma-charge at 20% and below health. On top of this, Max is an S-tier fighter because of how easy it is to play him. His super armor while charging is a beginner-friendly trait but can also be useful for pros in tight situations.
Dr. CoyleDr. Coyle is probably the most well-rounded fighter in this roster. Her levitation adds more movement options while in the air. Her extra arm allows for more versatility on offense. She’s extremely fast, which is a boon both on offense and defense.

Dr. Coyle is a good choice for beginners who want to take the plunge into the competitive scene. She has a steeper learning curve than Min Min or Max Brass, but she’s one of the best fighters as well under the right hands.


These are incredible contenders that can possibly be in the top level on the off chance that you put sufficient time in them. They have great matchups against the remainder of the cast and a couple of defects.

SpringtronSpringtron rewards players who practice setting up his disabling EMP from a distance. He is slower than Spring Man, but his offensive setups are top-notch.

Springtron has a high skill cap and ceiling – making him a perfect choice for those who are committed to learning a fighter who gets better the more you master him.
NinjaraWhen ARMS came out, Ninjara was touted as the best fighter on the roster. He has quick movement and a deceptively effective teleport ability that can immediately transition into punishment for your opponent.

Over time, the community has figured out ways of countering Ninjara so he isn’t as dominant as he was before. He remains one of the best fighters in the game, however, so feel free to learn and master him.
TwintelleIn the same mold as Min Min, Twintelle is an elusive and speedy fighter who has an amazing defensive quirk. She slows down attacks instead of deflecting them on defense. This will take some time getting used to, but your opponent will have a harder time adjusting to this. She can slow herself in the air as well, allowing for some unexpected setups on offense.

Twintelle has a high skill cap, but the benefit of throwing your enemy off their rhythm is a proven advantage even in highly competitive tournaments.
Kid CobraKid Cobra is a very strong fighter because his few weaknesses are not easy to exploit at all. It takes a skilled and experienced opponent to back a good Kid Cobra player into a corner.

Kid Cobra has good size, speed, and jump maneuverability that perfectly set up his attacks from all ranges. He’s weird to play at first, but with a few hours under your belt, you’ll start seeing some wins come your way.


These are your “center of the pack” warriors. They’re sufficiently respectable, yet have a couple of blemishes keeping them down.

Spring ManSpring Man is as basic as characters can get in ARMS. “Basic” doesn’t mean weak, though. He is an overall solid fighter with quick movement and decent defensive options. Spring Man’s perma-charge is also good quality, allowing players to spam an opponent with minimal risk.

Spring Man is a good fighter for beginners to start with, but he doesn’t shine as much in the competitive scene. His good qualities are far outclassed by other fighters like Springtron.
MechanicaMechanica is essentially a better version of Master Mummy, in a way. Her large hitbox and slow movement are detrimental when she’s backed into a corner.

Her grabs aren’t that strong, but she makes up for this with the ability to charge while drifting. In highly competitive matches, movement makes all the difference.
Lola PopLola Pop is a great fighter to use IF you know what you’re doing. That’s a big if because Lola’s moves, albeit strong, are very risky to pull off.

If your enemy is aware of the decisions you make in-game, you’ll most likely get punished for whiffing one of Lola’s moves. It’s safe to say that Lola is for extremely skilled players who have developed plenty of game sense from fighting a ton of matches. Otherwise, try to avoid her if you’re a beginner.


It will require huge exertion on the player’s part to make these contenders overwhelm. Their qualities are not however great as others and their shortcomings may be clear drawbacks to their success rate.

Ribbon GirlRibbon Girl is a solid fighter. If you’ve been playing her, then you’re probably wondering why she placed lower on this list. The reason is that she doesn’t do as well against experienced players.

If you and your opponent are just starting, Ribbon Girl will likely dominate the matchup. However, most players have already learned how to be patient and cautious against Ribbon Girl’s playstyle. This is a huge blow to her viability in competitive matches. Still, it doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with her toolkit.
Master MummyMaster Mummy is a tad slow and his jumps have a certain jank to them, but he still has good qualities. He has the strongest grab in the game, which isn’t much in casual play, but a very big advantage in competitive matches. Not only does his grab deal a ton of damage, but it’s accurate as well because of its massive size.

Master Mummy excels especially when putting pressure on opponents. All his attacks are a genuine threat and would throw anyone off their game if they start to panic.
HelixHelix has a lot of good movement. He can dissolve into a puddle to go low or stretch into his tall form to gain height. He has an atrocious walk speed which is balanced by quick movement while in puddle mode (this is a timed instance though).

The problem with Helix is experienced players will know exactly how to capitalize on his weaknesses. It doesn’t matter if you switch between puddle and tall mode. Both telegraph themselves quickly anyway.


These contenders have glaring imperfections that will give you trouble, particularly against great adversaries. You can in any case make these contenders suitable, yet it will be a daunting struggle.

Byte and BarqA byte is a powerhouse on offense. He has an additional companion, Barq, to share the heavy lifting in matches. This unique duo also opens the door for surprisingly effective combos.

The problem with Byte and Barq is their horrible defensive options. When Barq is down (which is easy to do for the opponent), Byte doesn’t have many options left. This vulnerability has prevented most players from taking the time in mastering this duo.


These are the most noticeably terrible warriors in the game at this moment. We don’t suggest beginning with them as they can demolish your experience from the get-go.

MisangoMisango struggles a lot with the rest of the cast because of his inability to adapt to pressure situations.

It’s easy to throw Misango of his rhythm if you just stick close and pepper him with a lot of blows. He has a few tools under his belt that could make a fight interesting (his spirit companions come to mind). Sadly, these quirks are not enough to elevate him higher on this list.

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