Apple to Launch its Streaming Service in more than 100 countries during 2019

Apple to launch its streaming service in more than 100 countries

It’s been a while since we know that Apple is launching a streaming service to compete with Netflix and Amazon Prime. And even if for the moment, the Cupertino company speaks little about this project, the rumors concerning this one are increasing day by day.

According to anonymous sources, Apple is to launch its streaming service in 2019. The launch would be first in the United States, followed by deployment in more than 100 countries.

Thus, in order to better face the competition of its future rivals, who already have a good international presence, Apple will launch its streaming service in most of the world.

It is not yet known what form the Apple streaming service will take. But according to unofficial sources, the Cupertino company intends to offer its original creations free of charge to users of Apple devices, such as iPhones or Apple TVs. On the other hand, the contents of the chains with which Apple will collaborate would be paying (subscriptions). In reality, Apple would primarily serve as an intermediary with these channels. And its application would also be a destination where we can see and consume all content offered by other applications.

Other rumors evoke an all-in-one offer. According to these, Apple wants to offer a subscription that includes streaming video, streaming audio with Apple Music and a subscription Texture.


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