Apple Officially Releases Beta 4 of iOS 12, Issues and Bugs Solved

Apple iOS Beta 4

Apple has released the 4th public beta version of its iOS 12. Apple gives a chance to the users, the non-developers to test the iOS before its final release this fall. If you want to download or get the 12th iOS you need to be a public tester. You should also have a valid configuration profile. If you want to be the tester you can join by signing up on the Apple’s beta testing website. When you install the beta version, you should ensure that you back up all the data on the device. You can also install it on a secondary device as it may not be stable.

Bugs in the Beta Version

According to Apple, there are several new bugs in the beta which the testers should know.

  • When you restart the device, the Bluetooth accessories may not work properly.
  • Siri also gives an error when you try and send cash request via Apple Pay Cash
  • Siri won’t open the app by name
  • There are many shortcuts which will not work
  • If you try to make a shortcut request, it may also not work
  • When installing multiple ride-sharing apps on the iOS 12, it may open Siri instead.

Issues/Bugs Solved

The iOS beta 12 is a huge help for those who wish to test the new iOS version. Apple has already solved many issues by giving it to the general public for testing. Apple is always innovative in its releases, the fourth release of the iOS 12 is another step towards making it better.

There are many issues that Apple has already solved using public testing. These issues include error messages which appear in the Apple Store. Apple has also fixed a bug which caused the Apple Wallet to crash when you open it. The shortcuts also play in the CarPlay now.


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