Apex Legends Tier List – All Legends Ranked (October 2021)

Apex Legends Tier List – All Legends Ranked (October 2021)

Apex Legends Season 6 has as of now began, and as far as I might be concerned, it’s the best season yet. In contrast to the beyond a couple of seasons, where we had seen minor changes. This one has refreshed the whole legends arrangement as well as added two new sections that we never knew about. This is like what occurred with Risk of Rain 2 Tier List, as it got new characters.

With these intense changes, I believe it’s a happy chance to check out the Apex Legends Season 6 level rundown. Notwithstanding, before we do that, the following are a couple of things you should note.

Initially, the level rundown isn’t true. They are rigorously assessment driven by every player. Further, If you like a specific legend and that is beneath Tier B. There is nothing bad about that, and you ought to easily utilize him. In addition, the greater part of the positions on our still up in the air from different surveys, and we haven’t oppressed any legend by and by. This aide will likewise be useful for cutthroat players, who are searching for levels to collect their groups.

Level A Plus


The apparition has consistently been the best option legend for some master and easygoing players. The legend hasn’t got any critical changes in the course of the last six seasons. As of late, she got a buff wherein her strategic void cooldown is diminished to 25 seconds. What’s more, she can now likewise see foes during her strategy.

Apparition’s latent is the voice from the void. The void tells you in case you are near an adversary, or then again in case there is a snare ahead and a ton of wary stuff like that. Her strategic is called into the deep darkness, which speeds her for four seconds and the screen becomes greyscale. During this four-second speed help, she is resistant, and foes are noticeable. The strategy can be utilized to reposition, assault foes, or protect in restricted spaces.

The Ultimate is maybe the most incredible in the game for me. Players can generate two gateways in 75 meters distance. When the entryway is set, anyone can enter it and come on the opposite side. The Ultimate is helpful in a lot of situations. You can put it to restore your partners on the opposite side or use it as a lure for approaching adversaries. Further, it can likewise be utilized to reposition and pivot. There are simply unlimited things you can do with her definitive, however, to close, I’d say it’s as yet the most incredible in the game. Apparitions definitive requires 210 seconds to stack, and the entry goes on for 60 seconds. Alongside every single unique capacity, the best thing about apparition is that she has a position of safety. As such, she has a low hitbox, and handling a shot on somebody who is utilizing Wraith is no simple thing to do.


One of the most powerful Legends in Season 6 is Bloodhound. He was in every case powerful, and with the new Buff in Season 6, his capacities have now gone to a higher level. Hunting dog would now be able to check signals, and this settles pathfinder and crypto. In addition, his definitive has likewise gotten a couple of changes. At whatever point you start “Monster of the chase”, rather than 25 seconds, you can now examine at regular intervals. I’ve gotten down on a ton of players for divider hacking, to acknowledge later it was the new 6 seconds check.

Alongside these two, Bloodhound Ultimate presently keeps going forever. In other words, If you thump a foe, your definitive clock gets 15 extra seconds. Accordingly, in case you are acceptable at the game and you continue to get kills. A definitive is only consistently there.

Aside from his buff in Season 6, Bloodhound actually has the equivalent strategy. Players can utilize Eye of the Allfather to feature adversary traps, plunder, pieces of information, and hostiles. Additionally, his Passive tracker is as yet helpful, permitting players to see different markers featuring foe strategies.

Level A


The goliath monster Gibraltar is as yet worth utilizing in Apex Legends. One of the primary motivations behind why I love Gibraltar so much is the way that it has an immense defensive layer and he can persevere through a ton of harm. Albeit a ton of players will say he is protective leaning, I think he is the most adjusted legend giving choices in both assault and safeguard.

Gibraltar’s essential capacities reasonable for latent playstyle is his Dome of Protection. He tosses an immense vault safeguard, that can withstand foe slugs for 12 seconds. Likewise, he additionally has Gun Sheild, connected right close to the firearm that will save your chest area from slugs while being conflicting battles. A definitive capacity that makes him reasonable for the assault is Defensive Bombardment. At whatever point you choose to push your adversaries, the cautious siege will drop many smoke projectiles and explosives.

To summarize it, Gibraltar merits utilizing in the two crews and pairs. He has slight downsides, such as being spotted rapidly. Further, his weapon safeguard can just last a couple of shots, and development isn’t the smoothest.


Crypto is turning out to be massively famous. In each game, you will see one crypto in each group. The thing with Crypto is that he is strong. With the new buff in Season 6, he would now be able to resuscitate colleagues and hit review reference points without being really near them. Other than that, his past capacity of checking close by foes, traps, and supply canisters are as yet reliable. Crypto’s definitive is as yet truly outstanding in the game. Players can energize an EMP Blast, and arrangement 50 safeguard harm as well as cripple different snares and dial back foes. To wrap things up, Crypto can in any case get to the 12 review guides around the guide and foresee the circle without putting forth much attempt.

Level B


Revenant as of late transformed Season 4 subsequent to killing Forge. He is one of the sharpest and covert legends around. His strategic capacity is called quietness, which doesn’t mean being quiet. It’s a little projectile gadget that you need to land at foes. When you hit the foes, the gadget harms 10 HP and furthermore incapacitates the foe capacities for 20 seconds. Revenant’s detached capacity is stalker, which permits him to hunch walk quicker.

What’s more, he can likewise climb structures twice as higher as different legends. This can be exceptionally valuable for getting rifleman spots or getting away from adversaries. Revenant’s capacity to climb twice as higher is additionally the essential motivation behind why Octane is positioned so lower.

A definitive capacity of respect is what isolates him from the remainder of the characters. He brings forth a Death Totem that at last changes the person into a shadow. The shadow can assault foes and do all the typical stuff, however, it just keeps going 30 seconds. To explain, if the shadow is killed, you just re-visitation of where Death Totem was brought forth. Revenant capacities are valuable in a wide range of arrangement

Life saver

It was really difficult to rank lifesaver, essentially in light of the fact that there’s generally such a lot of discussion about her. In any case, it’s important that B is definitely not in a terrible position. A lifesaver is a supporting person, having the greater part of the capacities surrounded a doctor. Her strategy considers a robot that mends each colleague inside 3 meters. This is truly helpful, on the grounds that in many situations when your group is short on recuperates. Life saver’s Heal Drone is in every case promptly accessible to mend everybody.

Her Ultimate is a Care Package, that drops three top notch connections, gears, or other consumables. This bundle is quite serious on the grounds that it has three spaces, and each opening is loaded up with valuable things like body safeguards, needles, and different extensions.

Help got an extremely strategic buff this season. She can battle while resuscitating her colleagues simultaneously.


Not the most versatile legend in the game, but rather still Caustic takes care of business. He is most appropriate for close entryway battles and In my perspective. Acidic is the best legend for insides. His strategic, Nox Gas Trap can be utilized to close different entryways and hold off adversaries. Other than that, his uninvolved of taking 15% less harm from each assault is helpful also. Additionally, his definitive, Nox Gas Grenade is likewise valuable. It tends to be utilized to a toxic substances and square adversaries in short proximity.

The issue with Caustic is that you will not require him consistently. Players these days have discovered simple tackle for his strategy. They shoot the barrel from a good way and afterward flee. Other than that, colleagues are never satisfied when the Nox Gas Trap triggers and foggy spots their vision. One more basic thing to note is that Caustic is extremely simple to spot. He is gigantic like Gibraltor, and in open regions where Caustic is slow. Adversaries are effectively ready to exploit.

Regardless, Caustic is as yet the best legend for holding insides and annihilating everybody in short proximity.


Notwithstanding, Wattson is presently being profoundly reliant upon Ultimate Acceleration, because of the new 90 seconds clock. As far as I might be concerned, Watson is as yet one of the most incredible latent characters in the game. There is consistently a touch of discussion whether Rampant is superior to Watson, however, In my perspective, Wattson edges Rampant with its wall.

The Fences are as yet immaculate, once sent, there is no way around it. Enough, not exclusively would you be able to get places, stop for turns, yet additionally trap foes. When the foes are caught, they are paralyzed for a lengthy timeframe. In the later phases of the game, the wall is effectively the best capacity to get circles.

One thing’s without a doubt, at whatever point you are utilizing Wattson, consistently have Ultimate Acceleratant. Without that, she is exhausting.


Bulwark is perhaps the most recent legend increment to the game. She is another latent and group arranged person. Defense can rapidly bring forth up to 5 amp covers or safeguards. The safeguards block every one of the approaching shoots, while almost multiplying the harm of the relative multitude of active projectiles. Other than this, her definitive is an assault rifle called Sheila, which comes pre-involved. Sheila is truly amazing; it can obliterate foes in practically no time. Further, it has a decent reach, and the force isn’t really awful. Defense isn’t just acceptable with Sheila, yet additionally with any remaining LMG’s in the game.

The disadvantage of her detached capacities is that both safeguard and automatic rifle set aside an amazing effort to be prepared. Utilizing her in performance is very troublesome in light of the fact that a single shot at the safeguard clears out the whole interaction. Likewise, Rampart is very frail against forceful legends like Crypto.

To close, I think Rampart is totally an inactive legend. Her capacities without great colleagues are non-existent. Indeed, even with great colleagues, her administrations aren’t constantly needed.

Level C


Pathfinder was probably the best legend in the game. The person was generally used to traverse the guide. Other than this, he was likewise magnificent in his capacity to filter places and to put it plainly, he was an exceptionally nice legend. With the Season 6 Update in Apex Legends, the person has been nerfed quite harshly. He is presently just a sad remnant of his past. That is predominantly a result of the new 35 seconds catch cool down. Further, his novel aloof capacity in the past to examine guide isn’t exceptional any longer. Both Crypto and hunting dogs can do that in a greatly improved manner.

I think Pathfinder is somewhat adjusted at this point. Before, the person was way overpowerful, and If Loba was to be added, Path most certainly required a nerf.


Banglore hasn’t been changed from I think season 2. Her capacity to toss smokes is somewhat the best help play in the game. For instance. At whatever point your partner gets taken out, you can toss the smoke and resuscitate him. Other than this, the smoke can likewise be utilized to move away from adversaries. On top of its smoke capacity, Banglore’s definitive of dropping down rockets is additionally exceptionally valuable.

To put it plainly, Banglore is really extraordinary with a fantastic hitbox. I simply feel that she needs a superior extreme. The rocket thingy is old, and frankly, you will not see a ton of Banglore’s in the game any longer.

Level D


Maybe the most vulnerable and most noticeably terrible legend up until season 5, because of the nerf. Hallucination is as yet battling to discover its place. In spite of his amazing capacities to resuscitate colleagues quicker, control distraction, and make clones. I think he carries practically no worth to group play. When playing solo, Mirage is perhaps the best pick, however in serious games, I don’t figure your partners will help anything from him. As I would see it, Mirage is a decent supporting legend, yet concerning his commitments, he will not bring any worth other than restoring colleagues undetectably.

Level F


In case you are a loba primary, which I figure you will not be. Loba is currently the most pointless Legend in the game. Her development is slow, manipulated, and inadmissible. Other than this, her capacity to see plunder through dividers isn’t remarkable, on the grounds that nowadays most the players know about plunder brings forth. A definitive is quite good, however by and by there isn’t anything great that would persuade you to pick her over different legends. Loba hasn’t been nerfed or polished in the course of the last couple of seasons. I think she needs a total redesign.


In spite of the fact that Octane has an exceptionally sharp and brilliant development, his different capacities are a finished wreck. On the off chance that we talk about the speed support, that occurs with the decrease of wellbeing, is superfluous. Besides, his capacity to hop high and make a superior strategic position isn’t any great. A lot of different legends can move strategic positions without requiring any abilities. As I would see it, Octane is superb for solo, as his forceful development will permit you to get quick kills. In this manner, for group play, I think Pathfinder is a superior fit.

Action items

With Season 6, the complete Legends in Apex Legends have now developed to 14. This is a sort of incredible news for both relaxed and cutthroat players. I’m somewhat apprehensive if that much assortment will have a slight hindrance on the serious side. For instance, most cutthroat FPS games have a straightforward meta. In other words, there aren’t a lot of special capacities, and the game is something similar for all clients. With such countless Legends and individual abilities, I figure the Competitive side of Apex Legends will turn out to be exceptionally conflicting. A few Legends are just better than others. The most ideal approach to dominate matches right presently would track down the right equilibrium in your group. For solo’s, I’m certain everyone knows what Legend is generally being utilized.

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