Anthem Demo Release Date Set by EA for PS4, Xbox One, and PC Getting the Demo in February

EA has recently announced that they will be releasing a demo for Anthem. It is further revealed by the EA that this special demo of Anthem will be available to all the EA Origin Access subscribers. All the Origin Access subscribers on Xbox One and PC will be able to enjoy it on February 01, 2019.

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According to EA, this demo will also be available to all the Pre-order customers. This will allow the PS4 owners to check it out as well on the release date.

This remarkable EA announcement came out during the EA Studio’s PAX West Panel brief. According to the game’s producer Mike, this new demo isn’t any sort of a test or beta version of the game. He further stated that this is in fact a part of the game that the fans will be able to enjoy in the form of a demo.

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EA has previously confirmed the Anthem Demo release date which is February 22, 2019. This demo will allow all the players to have a glimpse of what the game is actually going to offer. Anthem is a RPG with Sci-fi elements. The game lets the players assume the roles of Freelancers and play as soldiers bearing Javelins. Players will enjoy Iron-man like super suits and fly around the game world and engage with the enemies in sprawling battles. Quest completion, traversing various gigantic environments are also part of the game’s routines.

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The official Anthem gameplay was shown at E3 2018. However, at that time, not much of the information came out. As of now, we know that at least a demo to the much-awaited game is going to be releasing soon. Hopefully, we’ll know more about the game soon, as some other reveals are on their way.

We’ll keep an eye out for the new information about the game. Keep in touch for more news about Anthem.


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