Animal Crossing to be Released on Nintendo Switch, Isabelle Joining The Super Smash Bros Roster

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing is one of the most-awaited titles to be available on Nintendo Switch. Well, the wait is almost over as Nintendo has announced on the recent episode of Nintendo Direct that the game will release on the console in 2019. In another revelation, it was also announced by Nintendo that Isabelle will make a debut in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7, 2018.

This is more than a good news for all the Animal Crossing fans as they have been waiting long for it to come to Nintendo Switch. Fans were expecting this news last week on Nintendo Direct, but the talk was delayed because of the earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan.

The announcement was made by Tom Nook and he said that all the Animal Crossing fans will have a similar experience on Switch. This suggests that fans will, in fact, have a blast as they are expecting new content as well. Maybe, there will be some extra dollars charged for the new content, but it’s worth all that.

Check out the new Animal Crossing trailer on Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, you’ll get the idea of what the game’s actually going to offer. You’ll find it amusing enough to lure yourself in the amazing Animal Crossing game world.

The game initially came out almost six years ago. Later on, the developers focused on releasing spin-offs and some mobile game titles. Hopefully, fans will be treated to some really exciting new versions of the game after it hits Nintendo Switch.

Animal Crossing release announcement on Nintendo Switch is a really big news for all the Switch owners. Fans will now have one more chance to pay off their mortgages. What’s your take on the Animal Crossing release announcement on Nintendo Switch? Do leave a comment or two below to let us know what you think about it.

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