AdwCleaner 7.4

AdwCleaner 7.4

AdwCleaner is a program that looks for and erases Adware, Toolbars, Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP), and program Hijackers from your PC. By utilizing AdwCleaner you can without much of a stretch expel a large number of these kinds of projects for a superior client experience on your PC and keeping in mind that perusing the web.

The kinds of projects that AdwCleaner targets are ordinarily packaged with free projects that you download from the web. Much of the time when you download and introduce a program, the introduce will express that these projects will be introduced alongside the program you downloaded. Except if you play out a Custom introduce, these undesirable projects will naturally be introduced on your PC leaving you with additional program toolbars, adware, and other undesirable projects. AdwCleaner is intended to look for and evacuate these kinds of projects.

AdwCleaner 7.4

AdwCleaner 7.4 new highlights:

  1. Sweep and oversee Preinstalled programming. For more information, see this blog entry
  2. New discovery glossary accessible during output results.
  3. Make a framework reestablish point at whatever point a preinstalled programming is distinguished.
  4. Include a useful message clarifying what is a preinstalled programming.
  5. Bolster HTTP/2 for all HTTP demands.


  • Use Windows 10 styled title bar.
  • Increment the UI measurements.
  • Update interpretations.
  • Update telemetry endpoint.
  • Update to Qt 5.9.8.
  • Update to Libsodium 1.0.18
  • Definitions 2019.07.22.1


  • Fix study not shutting from the X catch.
  • Different UI enhancements

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