Windjammers: Nintendo Switch Version Price and Release Date

A Great News About 'Windjammers' is Coming to Nintendo Switch

Windjammers was actually released for the Neo Geo arcade system. This game has various sets of characters which makes the game more fun and exciting for the players. Another great thing about the game is the great depth behind every shot. According to DotEmu, there is a big news this year for the “flying disc game” that will be out on Nintendo console.

The Switch version is planned for release on October 23, 2018. People are already mesmerized by the idea of playing the game on the Vita and PlayStation 4. The gamers are paying $15 for this game. That’s why we are assuming that it might be possible that the Nintendo Switch version will cost the same.

The new version will have a similar port that was already accessible to the PS4 users. The online multiplayer will basically show its six unique courts and innovative characters. Though, it has a different style with unique personalities as well as a different mode of play. There will be five modes in the game. The double unlockable mini-games and a revamped menu which will give HD aesthetics.


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