Dead and Buried II VR iOS Latest Version Free Download (2021)

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Dead and Buried II VR Free Download

Dead and Buried II is a fast-paced multiplayer shooter set in a supernatural western world. Catch your six-shooters and proceed. Compete against players that are actual on the internet to find out who’s your gunslinger! The game is a sequel to the Dead and Buried published on GO and Rift. It provides three new ways, Survival, Horde, and Quickdraw and comes to the Quest and Rift variations of this game. Survival mode is a totally new game mode in which you live hordes of enemies with all your buddies as you amass electricity orbs to continue throughout the maps.

Dead and Buried Can I get it

It comprises three brand new maps found in the Fort, Canyon, and Alpine. Horde and quickdraw manners come back bringing Dead and Buried II Reloaded a number of their Dead and the taste of Buried. While Horde style includes four bosses from Spookytown, Theatre, Saloon, and the united states and four maps quickdraw is performed 1v1 from the Main Town. Horde is performed with or bots. Maps are being got by the modes. Shootout sees the inclusion of four new avenues, encouraging 3 matches with the choice to play robots. Deathmatch, a six-player free-for-all (additionally with bot-fill), is becoming two new avenues, Spookytown and Alpine. But wait, there is more! Additionally, it attracts five fresh weapons–Jawbone Tomahawk, Lightning Trap, Slime Trap, Sawhawk, and Skull Cannon–and also fresh two characters for gamers to select from. Buried and dead II VR Free Download Repack-Games. com .


  • Competitive Modes: battle online in free-roaming Deathmatch or cover-based Shootout.
  • Multiplayer Bots: never wait for players again! Bots will fill the game.
  • Portable: with Quest, take the action on the go.
  • Social: make new friends in the Town and spin up matches together.
  • Weaponry: six-shooters, grenade launchers, and more!
  • Future Plans: more events will be added to the Town over time so stay tuned!
  • Supports Rift
  • Supports Rift S
  • Supports Oculus Touch



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