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Blood Rage: Digital Edition Free Downloads

Ragnarök is arriving! The sky is falling and the end is upon you…In Blood Rage, the electronic adaptation of the strike plan board sport, you direct a joyful Viking clan in their final struggle for glory and the right of passing into Valhalla ahead of the world finally comes into its fiery finish. Take control of your warriors, pillage villages, make very good use of gifts from the gods and conquer your location with Odin in Valhalla. Life is fleeting, but glory is ceaseless. Now’s the time for anger! Created by famous designer Eric Lang (Rising Sun, Arcadia Quest, Chaos from the Old World), Blood Rage lets you lead one of the seven historical Viking clans: The Wolf, Bear, Serpent, Raven, Ram, Wild Boar and Stag clan.

Blood Rage: Digital Edition Pre-Installed Game

Each using their own distinct miniatures of warriors and leaders. In Blood Rage, your target is to attain the best quantity of glory before the conclusion of this last and third age — and the birth of Ragnarök. Every god is ample in their own manner: Frigga supplies tools and assistance, Tyr reinforces your clan in battle whilst Loki rewards losing struggles or punishes the opposing winner. The plan that you would like to execute will be determined by presents from a god. Select your cards deprive your competitors of valuable presents .



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