Articles by Donna Crepeau

Donna Crepeau covers the Semiconductors and Computer Chip industry. She joined Micro Cap Mag in late 2014 and previously was a hardware analyst with William Blair Research.


Tech giants report their third quarter earnings – HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY (NYSE:HPQ) and Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC) in spotlight

Technology corporations are the foundation of stock market growth. Any turbulence in that sector causes a quake in the stock market. Let’s look at the tech stocks of some of the most prestigious and competent technology companies. HEWLETT-PACKARD COMPANY (NYSE:HPQ), the tech giant, will start its share buyback program which they put on a halt…


VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) to unveil its 3rd quarter earnings

VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) will be opening its accounts on Tuesday to reveal its quarterly earnings and expectations are off the roof with excitement as VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW), a tech software juggernaut, is selling its most powerful range of products with almost complete coverage of management’s bull’s eye targets. The competition around VMware, Inc (NYSE:VMW) is…

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