About Micro Cap Mag

Micro Cap Mag is a financial news and research organization. Our mission is to provide the most relevant, timely, and insightful information in order to help our readers make informed, strategic investment decisions. We analyze approximately 1000 companies in a broad range of market sectors, identifying value and defining risk for our readership. Our timely and relevant news and research provide proprietary insights and illuminate market trends.

Our readers benefit from our thorough and sophisticated knowledge of the diverse sectors we cover – including, Aerospace and Defense, Agriculture, Consumer Products, Energy, Financials, Healthcare and Life Sciences, Infrastructure, Investment Companies, Leisure, Media and Telecommunications, Metals and Mining, Paper and Forestry Products, Private Equity, Real Estate and Hospitality, Support Services, Sustainability & CleanTech, Technology and Transportation and Industrials.

Micro Cap Mag research team leverages our independent global perspective to clarify current events and anticipate market trends in trusted daily, weekly and monthly publications.

At Micro Cap Mag, we believe that asking the right questions is critical to generating value-adding idea generating content. We try to track all the relevant data sources for the companies and industries we follow with a focus on underutilized nontraditional sources. In contrast to other equity news platforms, insights are provided by investors and industry experts rather than sell-side analysts.

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